Sunday, January 9, 2011


I wonder how organize are you people out there?

I'm busy looking everywhere for my Master degree offer letter and couldn't find it anywhere.

and I wonder how does Azlan manage to find his PTPTN offer letter which he received like 9 years ago?

I sometimes (or always) didn't pay enough attention to something that I consider small little things.

and speaking of this, 5 years ago, I invested my money in this unit trust thingy. I trusted people so much that I never bother to do follow up after the investment. I remember that I actually invest a thousand ringgit more that what is stated in my account to which I only realized after a year of my initial investment. Too late, I do not have any evidence that I actually give more to that person. I gave him cash by the way.

but I might be wrong, I might really invested that much but somehow thought I gave more. Who would be so bad taking people money right.. No?

and what is more suspicious, the person never contact me after that night (the night i handed the money over, and I do remember signing another blank form coz he claim it's for back up, in case anything)

but again, I might be wrong.. Sigh!

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